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the cheapest hotel in bandung

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Villa De rossa 
Lembang Bandung is the Inn-cheap hotel in Lembang, Bandung region with ethnic, building architecture with a mixture of wood and natural stone, so as to provide a comfortable atmosphere and tentram. In addition to the adjacent to the tourist Maribaya, Villa is also adjacent to the Dairy Lembang Kencana.

Villa De rossa Lembang Bandung-Facilities and room rate
Each room at Villa De rossa Lembang-Bandung, equipped with: TV, and bathroom with hot water and air dingi. There are several rooms with villa, equipped with a living room, living room and kitchen. The fare on offer at Villa De rossa Lembang-Bandung ranging between IDR 135,000-350,000. If you want to use the villa, the rates on offer ranges from IDR 1,000,000-1.350.000.

How to get Villa De rossa Lembang Bandung
Address: Jalan Panorama I No. 34-36 Lembang Bandung.
Phone number: (022) 2786527
Fax number: (022) 2786318
Email Addess:-
Website Address:-

To reach the villa, its location is quite easy, because in addition to nameplate, the villa is situated on the edge of the road to the tourist area of Maribaya lembang-Bandung.

Pondok Panorama 
Lembang Bandung is the Inn-cheap hotels in Bandung which is its location adjacent to mount tangkuban perahu, Lembang-Bandung.

Pondok Panorama Lembang Bandung-Facilities and room rate
The Inn consists of 19 rooms with 4 types and different Rates. The fare on offer at the lodge panoramic Lembang-Bandung ranges between IDR. 80,000-200,000/night, including breakfast. For each room, the Inn is equipped with TV and bathroom with hot water and cold water. Other support facilities include meeting rooms with capacity for 8 people, with the cost of the rent range between IDR. 250,000-300,000/day.

How to get Pondok Panorama Lembang Bandung
Address: Road No. 22 Maras Lembang-Bandung
Phone number: (022) 2786190
Fax number:-
Email Addess:-
Website Address:-

Pondok Panorama Lembang Bandung adjacent to Hotel Panorama Lembang-Bandung, and Beautiful Lembang-Bandung hotels Wisdom. To reach this lodging, Husein Sastranegara international airport from the airport and the motorway Pasteur, you took 1 hour, namely through road or street independent. Cihampelas If through the cimahi, you can meggunakan the alternate lembang-Bandung

Hotel Hikmat Indah
Lembang Bandung is the Inn located in Lembang, Bandung. The Hotel has a beautiful view of the adjective because adjacent to mount Tangkuban Perahu and tea gardens. You only need 5 minutes to reach the watu location.

Hotel Hikmat Indah-room rate & Facilities
Before you go and book a room, you will get the drink as a token of thanks, for your pleasure stay at this Inn. facilities available in this Hotel are: TV, bathroom with hot water and cold water. Other ancillary facilities: coffee shop, children's playground and break fast. Tariff for each room is different, and the price ranges between IDR. 250,000-390,000/night.
How to get Hotel Hikmat Indah
Address: Jalan Raya Tangkuban Perahu No. 88 Lembang Bandung
Phone number: (022) 2784517
Fax number: (022) 2784723
Email Addess:-
Website Address:-

The Hotel is adjacent to the Hotel Panorama Lembang-Bandung, and market fruit Lembang-Bandung. To reach this hotel Husein Sastranegara international airport, from the airport and the motorway Pasteur, you need a time of 1 hour.

Penginapan Dayang Sumbi 
Lembang Bandung is the Inn located in Lembang, Bandung. This is a combination of a lodging cottage, resort and meeting house. The cool air and a beautiful view, quiet, adds to be suitable for anyone who wants to soothe the mind, removing the tired during work.

Penginapan Dayang Sumbi -facilities and room rate
Penginapan Dayang Sumbi consists of 13 rooms are divided into three types of rooms. Rates for each room ranges from IDR 138.000-275.000. For each room, the Inn is equipped with: TV, telephone, bathroom with hot water and cold water, and living room. If you want other services, you can contact the workers at the Inn.

How to get Penginapan Dayang Sumbi
Address: Jalan Raya Lembang No. 44 Bandung
Phone number: (022) 2786122
Fax number: (022) 2786122
Email Addess:-
Website Address:-

The Inn is located on Highway Lembang-Bandung. From the airport Husein Sastranegara or the highway Pasteur , you took 45 minutes to reach the location.

Hotel harmony inn 
is a cheap hotel in Bandung which is located at JL. Telagabodas Bandung. Hotel Harmony Inn Bandung, other than the place comfortable and clean, the hotel provides a tranquil atmosphere, as far from the noise of motor vehicles. In addition, if you want to enjoy a variety of typical dishes of Indonesia, hotel Harmony inn is the place.
Hotel Harmony Inn Bandung-Hotel and Rooms Facilities:
The Hotel has 26 rooms, consisting of 3 types of rooms (standard, Suite, Deluxe), with different facilities. In General, each room is equipped with:
Bathroom (equipped with hot water and cold water)
According to some information, there are several rooms that each room is equipped with wall carpets.
In addition, the facility is owned by the hotel harmony inn Bandung is:
Music performances (nostalgia)
Meeting rooms (for 45 people)
Hotel Harmony Inn Bandung – room rate:
Hotel rates range between Rp.220,000-270,000/night
Hotel Harmony Inn Bandung-address and location:
Address                   : JL. Talagabodas No. 23/62 Bandung
Phone Number    : 022-7307457
Fax Number          : 022-7304783
Email Address      : -
Website Address : -

To reach the hotel is very easy, about 30 minutes, the time it takes to reach the location. The area closest to the vehicle being out of Bandung, you can take advantage of the Buah Batu highway as the exit, to the hotel Harmony Inn Bandung. As a tip, please call the hotel that you would want to go, to see if the hotel is full, or is empty. Congratulations on a vacation, and enjoy the weekend.

Hotel Kurnia Bandung 
is a cheap hotel in Bandung which is located at jalan Karapitan No. 28 Bandung city. The Hotel is adjacent to several institutions of higher education, among them: Universitas Islam Indonesia (UNINUS), University of Pasundan (UNPAS), and the high school of art and design of Indonesia (STISI Telkom). This Hotel is one of the few hotels that are suitable to be an option because the price is very cheap.
Hotel Kurnia Bandung- Hotel and Rooms Facilities

    The Hotel has rooms with a total of less than 20 rooms, with 1 room type only, namely the standard room.
    Each room is equipped with:
    The bathrooms are equipped with hot water and cold water

There are several rooms that are not equipped with AC (air Conditioner), and several other rooms not equipped with a bathroom with hot water facilities. Obviously, the rates are cheaper than the other rooms.
For services and facilities of the hotel, there is no specific data, but the hotel has a parking lot that quite insufficient, and customer service.

Hotel Kurnia Bandung – room rate/night
The room rate at this Hotel, which is about: Rp.140,000-180,000/night.
Hotel Kurnia Bandung -Address and Location
Hotel Kurnia Bandung is located at:
Address: JL. Karapitan No. 83 bandung
Phone Number: (022) 7305205
Fax Number:-
Website Address:-

To reach the hotel, very easy. If you use a private vehicle, its worth, the Cipularang toll road toward the Buah Batu toll road, or if you use public transportation, terminal Leuwi Panjang is a suitable place to stop. Welcome to the city of Bandung.

Hotel Kanira Bandung  
is a cheap hotel in Bandung, located in Jl. Perjuangan 45 No.10 Bandung. For those of you confused looking for lodging located in the vicinity of Buah Batu, and Cicadas, certainly with the rate cheap hotels, this hotel is perfect for your visit. In addition to its place very comfortable and clean, the hotel is very close to the shopping areas in the region of Buah Batu, and Bandung Super Mall (BSM). In addition, an awful lot of culinary places worth visiting, from hawker Street, up to ethnic restaurants located along the path of Buah Batu.

Hotel Kanira Bandung -Hotel and room Facilities
This Hotel comprises 34 rooms, with 2 types of rooms (Mitra room and pesona room), and the fee charged by that variable. Each room at this hotel is equipped with:
Hotel Kanira Bandung

    Bathrooms (equipped with hot water and cold water)

Other facilities at this hotel are:

    Parking area (for 10 cars, and some motor vehicles)
    Room Service

For additional information, for a type of Mitra room, bathroom is outside the room.

Hotel Kanira Bandung – room rate/night
The room rate at hotel Kanira, which is about:IDR.120,000-180,000/night (adapted to the time of check in and check-out time; and call hotel receiver for more information).

Hotel Kanira Bandung-address and Location
The Hotel is located at:

    Address: JL. Student Fighters 45 No.10 Bandung
    Phone Number: (022) 7316283, (022) 7321990, (022) 7303616
    Fax Number: (022) 7320141
    Email Address:-
    Website Address:-

To reach this hotel, from the Cipularang toll road toward the highway Buah Batu, toward Buah Batu Canal Road. From the highway, it only takes 15-20 minutes, because its location was not so much. For those of you, who use public transportation or service city bus; don't worry because the hotel is very strategic to pass. For additional information,  Hotel Kanira Bandung adjacent to the Horizon Hotel.

Hotel Le Provence Gegerkalong Bandung 
 is a cheap Hotel in Bandung which is adjacent to Mukmin Daruttauhid Gegerkalong Bandung led by KH. Abdullah Gymnastiar. The Hotel was very comfortable and clean. For those of you who want to tiredness after a long day of work, it's good you vacation to Bandung and stay at this hotel, because the hotel provides serenity and comfort. For those of you who want to make a tour of spiritual mukmin Daruttauhid Gegerkalong bandung, this is one place that's right for you.
Hotel Le Provence Gegerkalong Bandung-facilities and Room Rate
The Hotel has 40 rooms that consist of 4 types of rooms with a variety of fare. These rooms include: standard Rooms, Delux Rooms, Superior rooms and Family Rooms. Tariff for each room ranges between IDR 1,300.00-700,000/night. If you would like to order extra mattresses, amda just pay IDR 175,000/night.
For a Family, the room is equipped with 2 bedrooms, living room, television, bathroom, kitchen, and mineral water. Special rates apply to these rooms is IDR 500,000/night. In addition, To other services provided by Hotel Le Privence Gegerkalong Bandung i.e. breakfast for 4 people and delivered to the room.
Facilities for the whole room including: air conditioner (AC), bathroom, and mineral water.
How to get the Hotel Le Provence Gegerkalong bandung
Address: JL. Gegerkalong Girang site no. 140
Phone number: (022) 2010959, (022) 2013907, (022) 2021674, (022) 2013786,
Fax number: (022) 201959,
Website Address:
Coordinates GPS:
Latitude =-6.895667
Longitude = 107.611706
Hotel Le Provence Gegerkalong Bandung

To reach Hotel Le Provence Gegerkalong Bandung, from Pasteur toll road, you take 30 minutes and to the road or street Sukajadi Somantri, i.e. Solar left after the highway.
For additional information, this Hotel is perfect for corporate meetings. Before you go to this hotel, we suggest contacting the hotel services.
Puri Tomat Bandung is a cheap hotel in bandung Dago area. The Hotel is included into the budget because it has 34 rooms. The atmosphere in the Hotel environment this very cool Castle Tomatoes because Dago-Bandung is one of the best known places are very cool. In addition to his cool, Puri Tomat dago has views of the beautiful and its strategic location.

Puri tomat Bandung
Address: Jl. Ir. H Juanda No. 420 Bandung
Phone number: (022) 2501746, 2505383
Fax number: (022) 2505383
Email address:
Website Address:
Puri Tomat-Fasilitas:
The Hotel has 34 rooms and is equipped with a café, children's playground, laundry service, and a spacious vehicle. parker
Puri Tomat- Room rate & Room Facilities:

    Flamboyan Room: consists of 3 bedrooms, TV and bathroom with hot & cold water. This hotel room rate is Rp. 187.000-224,000 has still.
    Tanjung Room: consists of 2 bunk beds, TV and bathroom with hot & cold water. This is the hotel room rate RP.165.000-198,000.
    Cemara Room: consists of 2 bunk beds, TV and bathroom. Room rate this hotel was Rp 135,000-162.000.
    Pinus Room: consists of 1 bedroom flat with large size, TV and bathroom. Room rate this hotel was Rp 93,000-112,000.
    Rasamala Room: consists of 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. Room rate this hotel was-85,000 USD 71.000.

Green Canyon Pangandaran

Green Canyon Bandung

Green Canyon name was popularized by the French in the year 1993. His real name Cukang Taneuh. Green Canyon is unique. Of his own journey with a long-tail of the dock for 30 minutes we will be happy to cross the river with green water tosca (if it does not rain again). On the way we look at life along the river. Occasionally seen lizards, snakes (do not worry just snake sacking) and residents who were fishing or catching fish.
Cukang taneuh approaching, we are treated to views of the river with few rapids with narrow grooves in which the boat was not able to continue the journey that cadiknya krn wide. Parking capacity is also limited. So we waited sometime that is not too long, or the boat out and back again within the time that we specify.
Here the water is very clear blue-tinged. To see who the real uniqueness: we recommended for continued upward with a swim or creeping on the edge of the stone. This trip is fully secure. Children 6 years and above; could be  join the tires and guide - life guard boat owners that we rent. Along the way, we will continue to be in the basin with steep walls on either side; the  walls with roofs that resemble caves has collapsed.
In certain parts remaining stalaktit where ground water dripping. After a few hundred meters swim, but we shall see some small Waterfall water left and right who are very charming. If you continue to wonder with the end of the road, you will arrive at a place with a cave inhabited by bats. Along these lines, you swim interchangeable heart's content. Yes, swim with the fish in the clear, cold water.
The pict below is part of the Cukang Taneuh which is still affordable to take a position with the camera on a rock in front of the entrance. For reaching the upper reaches, the camera needs to be taken with a swim. Yet this is the most beautiful part of that, but unfortunately the camera is not waterproof.
The children  so love this trip. Make them the first time adventurer in the water. At other times, maybe we will take them on to the end Cukang Taneuh enter the cave. Which would need a better preparation.

Green Canyon Bandung
Ciamis Regency in West Java does have quite a lot of  potential tourism, just call it one of which we have just discussed Pangandaran Beach with its International Kite Festival. Well, not far from the Pangandaran Beach location, there is a Green Canyon. However, the Green Canyon is Ciamis version which is also known as Cukang Taneuh.

Cukang Taneuh or also known Green Canyon native Indonesia is located in Cijulang Village, Kertayasa Subdistrict, Ciamis Regency, West Java. Cukang Taneuh distances from the Ciamis City itself is approximately 80 miles, if from Pangandaran beach is approximately 20 miles. Near with this tourist attractions, there are other tourist attractions such as Batukaras as well as Nusawiru Airfield.
Cukang Taneuh in sundanese languange is meaning Land Bridge, but the name Green Canyon is becoming more popular to refer to these sights in compare with the original name Cukang Taneuh. In fact, the Green Canyon names is the name accidentally given by one of the French tourist who visit the site about the year 1993s, and since that, Green Canyon name became more familiar in the ears of tourists rather than his real name.

Green Canyon Pangandaran
Tourist attraction that located in Ciamis Regency was actually a flow from the Cijulang river that runs through the caves full of charm and beauty of stalactites and stalagmite. In addition the area is also flanked by two hills, also with large rocks and lush trees. It was formed as a natural painting which so unique and so challenging to explore.
For those of you who want to find a different tour sensation, visiting the Indonesian Green Canyon is one option that is quite interesting. You will be treated with the nature paintings combination that so unique, beautiful and challenging to explore. Starting from Rafting in Cijulang River flanked by high cliffs, through caves decorated by stalagtit and stalagmite caves, swim, even you can also do activities diving in the river and rock climbing, challenging right.
Streams flow long enough making the appeal attraction, so that visitors can rafting and swim to one’s heart’s content while following the waterfall flow or the boat. In addition to a magnificent view over the water surface, Cukang Taneuh Green Canyon would be a haven for who likes to dive. Stay bring simple diving equipment, stunning views of basins in the water ready to be searched and enjoy, complete with various fish that swim to and fro in the bottom. For those who like the challenge of adrenaline, can jump from a large rock with a height of 16,4 ft to the base of the bottom.

Green Canyon
To be able to rafting on the river, with cliffs high rim, you just need to rent a boat with fares about IDR100.000 or equivalent with USD10,3 up to USD15 to be filled by 5 passengers. These rates are valid for 45 minutes along the green canyon river, if you want to extend the time just stay more rent. If you want to venture further into the upper reaches the river, you must pay an additional fee to the boatman who account in accordance with your agreement.

On Friday, only on the open 13.00 until 17.00 and only 300 tickets available for Green Canyon tourist. However, in addition to the Friday, Green Canyon Manager provided 600 tickets ranging from morning to afternoon.
To reaching Cukang Taneuh, you should have to go to the Ciamis City, can be reached through Bandung City or Jakarta, if from Bandung can use buses or private vehicles, if from Jakarta could use the aircraft, you can go to Nusawiru Airport in Ciamis City then proceed to the Cukang Taneuh Green Canyon.

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Ransiwor Homestay

Home stay in Raja Ampat

Ransiwor Homestay
Location: Pulau Ransiwor, opposite Pulau Mansuar's Yenbuba village
Accommodation: Two four room bungalows.
Owner: Hans Sauyai
Phone: +6281248410507 (SMS text message best)

Feb 19 2013: We're told Ransiwor is no longer accepting guests. We don't know why, but it's a real shame, because their ocean bungalow is a beauty. Perhaps you can drop in and get them to change the minds...

Two four room bungalows with 12V solar powered electricity. (240V supply from generator can be arranged - see below.) Basic cooking and dining shelters and shared toilet and bathroom shelters. Small private island with nice shaded surrounds for relaxing.

In April 2011, accommodation cost us Rp350,000 per night, and we found some ladies in Yenbuba willing to supply three meals a day for Rp100,000, making the total cost for two people a little over USD52.00 a day.
Ransiwor Homestay review (April 2011)
Ransiwor Homestay was where we found ourselves after the producers of the French version of the "reality" TV series 'Survivor' arranged the cancellation of our Mangkur Kodon booking in favour of their own requirements. Like many things in life, this unexpected setback looked really bad at first, but turned out to be the beginning of something really good.
Ransiwor Island is a tiny pile of jungle covered, craggy limestone that sits between the islands of Kri and Mansuar. The homestay occupies the only level ground on the island - an area on the western shore opposite Mansuar's Yenbuba Village.
A 12 volt solar powered electrical system provided fluorescent light in the bungalow at night, but wasn't powerful enough to charge batteries or devices. When some fellow travellers arrived to share the accommodation with us, Hans brought over a generator which extended the light to the other buildings and pathways. Maybe there have to be a minimum number of paying guests to cover the cost of the generator or maybe all we had to do was ask...

Ransiwor was a great place to stay. An uninhabited island to explore, the Yenbuba jetty and the channel's reefs for snorkelling, and on the full moon low tides you could walk to the neighbouring islands, discovering all manner of ocean creatures trapped in pools on the sandflats, waiting for the ocean's return.

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Mangkur kodon and Arborek home stay

Choice your home stay in raja ampat

Location: Westernmost point of Pulau Kri (Mansuar Kecil)
Accommodation: Four bungalows
Contact: Enzo
Phone: +62399040888 (SMS text message best)
Jan 13 2013: Mangkur Kodon don't appear to be replying to contacts by any of their currently published methods. We're told they are still operating. We'll post working contact details as soon as we can get them.
Prices in Indonesian Rupiah as shown on Mangkur Kodon's website in December 2012
Room (per person per night including 3 meals)   IDR 350,000
Large room with verandah (/person/night incl 3 meals) IDR  450,000
Longboat rental (per person per trip - max 6 hours)    IDR     200,000
Longboat rental (per person per 12 hour day)    IDR  300,000
Snorkelling gear (Per day per set - mask, snorkel, fins) IDR  100,000

GUIDE (not including longboat rental)   
Snorkelling (per person)               IDR 200,000
Bird of Paradise watching (per person) IDR  150,000
Waterfall (per person)  IDR  150,000

Location: Pulau Airborek
Accommodation: Bungalow
Owner: Pak Nomensen Watem
Phone: +6281344402542 (SMS text message best)
Airborek  is beautiful and the parallel universe that thrives below the jetty there has to be seen to be believed. Close to Mansuar's Manta Point and with all the amenties of village life, Arborek Homestay is on the beach, a short walk from Airborek Village. It sounds like a great place to stay.

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